Sunday, 2 February 2014

#SHOW 37 - "I hope that lean, hungry look means what it's saying..."

Chris Rea "On The Beach"
Stranglers "Midnight Summer Dream"

Olivia Newton John "Landslide"
De La Soul "Eye Know"

Its Immaterial "Driving Away From Home"
Europe "Carrie"

Go West "Don't Look Down"
Regents "7 Teen"

This Island Earth "See That Glow"

Sisters Of Mercy "Dominion"
Eddy Grant "Can't Get Enough Of You"

Billy Idol "Don't Need A Gun"
Funk Master "It's Over"

The Smiths "Bigmouth Strikes Again"
Bananarama "Trick Of The Night"

Dramatis featuring Gary Numan "Love Needs No Disguise"
ZZ Top "Sleeping Bag"

Duran Duran "Meet El Presidente"
Sheena Easton "When He Shines"

Limahl "Only For Love"
Kiss "Lick It Up"

Vicious Pink "Cc-Can't You See"

Trio "Da Da Da"
Pointer Sisters "Dare Me"

Jets "Yes Tonight Josephine"
Viola Wills "Both Sides Now"

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  1. Is there a podcast of this show please? I only ever get the last hour!


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