Sunday, 25 August 2013

SHOW #14 - "The earth is dying, and desert taking its place..."

Hooters "Satellite"
Nik Kershaw "When A Heart Beats"

Pretenders "Talk Of The Town"
Cashflow "Mine All Mine"

Flash and the Pan "Waiting For A Train"
Abba "Head Over Heels"

Timex Social Club "Rumors"
Kiss "Reason To Live"

Robert Cray Band "Because Of Me"

George Harrison "All Those Years Ago"
Shalamar "I Owe You One"

W*A*S*P "The Real Me"
New Order "Procession"

Madness "(Waiting For) The Ghost Train"
Roman Holiday "Don't Try To Stop It"

Bryan Ferry "Don't Stop The Dance"
Primitives "Sick Of It"

Hithouse "Jack To The Sound Of The Underground"
Secret Affair "My World"

Pet Shop Boys "It's Alright"
Sade "The Sweetest Taboo"

Comsat Angels "Independence Day"

Rush "Spirit Of Radio"
Billy Griffin "Hold Me Tighter In The Rain"

Specials "Do Nothing"
Modern Romance "Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm"

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