Sunday, 3 November 2013

SHOW #24 - "Deep in your heart there are wounds time can't heal..."

Level 42 "Heaven In My Hands"
David Lee Roth "Just Like Paradise"

Ollie & Jerry "Breakin'' ... There's No Stopping Us"
Bob Geldof "This Is The World Calling"

The Cure "Catch"
Pop Will Eat Itself "Can U Dig It"

Howard Jones "Life In One Day"
Taja Seville "Love Is Contagious"

Armoury Show "We Can Be Brave Again"

Style Council "A Solid Bond In Your Heart"
Elkie Brooks "No More The Fool"

Fun Boy Three "The Telephone Always Rings"
Billy Joel "The Longest Time"

Phil Collins "Take Me Home"
Ultravox "Visions In Blue"

Central Line "Nature Boy"
Tears For Fears "Woman In Chains"

Housemartins "Five Get Over Excited"
Nick Heyward "Take That Situation"

Scritti Politti "The Word Girl"
Sandie Shaw "Hand In Glove"

Win "Super Popoid Groove"

Magnum "It Must Have Been Love"
Toyah "Thunder In The Mountains"

Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid"
Sharpe & Numan "Change Your Mind"

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  1. Loved hearing the 'acid-house stylings' of Humanoid on the show. As someone who was 15 in 1980, when I think of 'the 80s' I automatically think of 'my' 80s, which was early 80s synth-pop, I tend to forget that Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Madchester and Acid House were also part of the 80s musical landscape, although I always think of that 'sound' as being a 90s thing!
    Loving the shows, keep up the good work!


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