Sunday, 22 June 2014

SHOW #57 - "A circle's been drawn, it's lonely dawn; should I pencil in this emptiness?"

Aswad "Give A Little Love"
ELO "Calling America"

Beloved "The Sun Rising"
Diana Ross "Mirror Mirror"

Fun Boy Three "The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum"
Sam Brown "Can I Get A Witness"

New Order "Round And Round"
Inner City "Ain't Nobody Better"

The Bolshoi "A Way"

Bros "Too Much"
Cock Robin "The Promise You Made"

A-Ha "Train Of Thought"
B A Robertson "To Be Or Not To Be"

The Smiths "What Difference Does It Make?"
Letitia Dean & Paul Medford "Something Outa Nothing"

Gary Moore "Empty Rooms"
Freeez "Southern Freeez"

Malcolm McLaren "Madam Butterfly"
Rainbow "Can't Happen Here"

Grace Jones "Private Life"
Spear of Destiny "Never Take Me Alive"

Act "Snobbery and Decay"

Inmates "The Walk"
Barry Manilow "Bermuda Triangle"

Blue Mercedes "I Want To Be Your Property"
The Who "You Better You Bet"


  1. Loved Train of Thought, thanks for playing it for me after I requested it last week :-)

  2. Fab show!! Thanks for the mention when you played Gary Moore plus you've finally played The Bolshoi on nobody'
    diary..all the campaging paid off! Throw in The Smiths, spear of destiny and The Act and this just might have been the best forgotten 80s show ever!


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